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This site is dedicated to all the staff that helped run Radio Floss every Sunday for about six hours for just over five years from 1980 to 1985.
                                                 In that time Radio Floss established itself as one of the best pirate stations to broadcast to the London area before 1990 and would rank well with the other great stations like Thameside Radio,Radio Concord,Radio Kaleidescope,Radio Odyssey,Radio Amanda and too many more to mention.
                   They were on the air every Sunday,with only rare interuptions from raids or technical problems,always with terrific signals,entertaining programmes and great Rock music.
                                         Very few stations can claim to have lasted so long with such consistency.
      Here is a list of just some of the people that worked hard to make Radio Floss possible.I say some,because I remember the faces,but was never very good at names!As I remember the names I'll add to the list!So,in no particular order..........


Glen Johnson
Rick O'Shea - Rick "Ping" O'Shea
Ian Davidson - Now living in Canada.
Ian Scott
Steve Jay - Last heard of working as a transmitter consultant for commercial radio.
Tony Lee Stocker - "Stocky Stocker"
"Spacehopper Pete"
"Long-haired Short-haired Paul" - Now living in Denmark.
Debbie the phone girl
Tim Allen - Timbo - Now a DJ on Wave 105 on the South Coast of England.
Ian Stewart - Now a TV Director.
Paul James - Now Marketing Manager for BBC Radio News.
Bob Williams - "Bobliams"
Ian the TX engineer
Alan Reeves - Now a local counciler for Lib Dem party.
Barrie Black
Trevor and Linda
Andy Richards

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